26 March, 2007

Random Stuff...

As a designer and work avoiding layabout I recently did a logo for one of my mate's websites, he's a super keen hiking chap and he's named his blog after his fave tent (the Akto). The only colours I got to work with were the standard Akto ones of 'flattish green' and 'just about red.' A limited palette.

His idea was to have the Aktoman logo like the old action man one, I tried this but it was a bit dull so I ripped off the new one instead: there is no plagiarism in graphics only 'homage,' as me old art lecturer used to say. Now Aktoman has a new emblem and a spanky badge for his site I'm just wondering how long it is before the Aktosign is seen over the skys of Aberdeen?

I was out walking with him a few weeks ago and managed to vanish in feets (many of them) of snow, I'm not a natural hillwalker as you can see from my outfit. I've already linked his site in one of my previous posts so I won't repeat myself (that much).

Here's' some images.

Logo done in Macromedia Freehand and Photoshop.

My mate - Duncan 'Aktoman'

Me - Well, it was freezing and all the outside gear I have is from the last movie!


allen said...

You look rather cold. I posted some more stuff on my blog. It looks like we might start filming as early as the second week of April...we need two shots of the forest without leaves...I'll post images when we have them.

AktoMan said...

Next time, Mike, you need to do the "jazz hands" thing.

Story Quine said...

Clarkie, I think the logo is a feat of utter brilliance. Perhaps you could 'tidy up' the logo I use for my oral history project??

anyway - I can draw, I just canna use Freehand! ;-)

- Fiona-Jane (aka Storyquine)