17 August, 2007


Sorry I haven't posted for a while, been as busy as a dozen posties (yes, I've done 2 hours work this week).

Mark, the director chap is locked in the editing suite just now (located in the penthouse of Stirton Towers), whacking the film together in Final Cut Pro. I have to squeeze tuna sandwiches under the door to keep him going and produce fake newspapers for the end credits of the movie. I can't put any of the covers up here yet as they will kind of spoil the end of the film for people.

Filming some major carnage in the next few weeks, with body parts a go-go! I'm doing the make-up and being stuck on top of the pile like a big bleedy clarkie cherry on a corpse cake: so more syrup smelling fun for me and the boys. I'll post photos from that if they're not too gross.

Well I'm off again, but like that American bloke said 'I will return.'