14 May, 2007

Shots from previous filming.

Here are a few shots from the filming last week. More bloody fun with Graham and me rolling around the back of the van, not included in the shots but also in the van was Mark Wyness as the 3rd victim. Mark is also the production photographer so couldn't take any shots of himself unfortunately.

Mark Stirton (director) and Scott Ironside (Ronnie) stare at press cuttings I've produced for a later scene in the movie. Behind can be seen an early version of the movie poster with a white van instead of the blue one we now have.

Mark tempts Graham Robertson (victim 1) with a cancery treat while providing direction for the next scene - 'Lie still and don't laugh, you balloon.'

Corpsy pair enjoy a moment of rest. Me and Mr Graham dead it up big time while lying in a puddle of dessert sauce, which doesn't taste too bad initially but after 4 hours really makes your teeth hurt.