29 July, 2008

One Day Removals - DVD Cover

There's been a lot of tweaking to the original dvd box design in the past few weeks, but as the disk and artwork are about to go out the door to the dvd printers, I thought I'd share them with you.

Here's the original cover, very dark, but with all the movie elements (or elephants). Only a little nod to the fact that it's a comedy, with the expression on Patrick Wight's face.

While doing the artwork for the dvd menus I really couldn't get a handle on the look. The poster artwork didn't work too well as a menu screen, I played around with a lots of different elements until Kerwin suggested a splat. A Splat! After several dozen comical splats, some of which looked way too Ghostbusters, I came up with the final layout for the dvd menu. It was smart, clean and very different. So much so I decided to change the rest of the publicity work to go with the new design.

The One Day Removals website is going to be updated soon to reflect the changes.

12 July, 2008

One Day Removals - Trailer & Clips Online

Warning, trailer and clips feature lots of swearing and Scottish people, if you're offended by either look away, run - run for the hills!

Here is the initial trailer and a preview clip for the new movie - One Day Removals. This and some other clips are in a dedicated youtube site, the link can be found to the right. These are of course tiny versions of the real material, so please excuse web quality.