09 March, 2007

End of week one (for me)

First stint of filming over for me just now. Some of the crew and cast are out over the weekend filming which gives me time to get the props and costumes for next week ready. I'm also filming the 'making of' of the movie so I'll have to get my head round Final Cut pro this weekend, should be fun and I'm looking forward to it.

Yesterdays filming was pretty intense, we covered 2 deaths at 2 different locations and got some great stuff from the leads - Scott Ironside and Patrick Wight, they were whacking each other about and bouncing off the van by the final takes, so I don't know how sore they are today. I got to stick a screwdriver appliance in Mark Wyness's head and squirt blood out of it, more fun and more strawberry jam smelling actors. (photos to follow soon)

If anyone is interested in my recipe for fake blood it is as follows:-

To make 2 litres (2. 1 quarts)

1 tin Golden (or Karo) syrup

food colouring - 3 bottles red, 3 yellow (75ml bottles/2.5 fluid ounces). Sometimes more yellow is required for digital work as the blood will appear pink.

Strawberry or vanilla flavouring - 1 teaspoon (depending on taste - if being used in mouth)

washing up liquid - 5 drops approx (helps the sticky crap wash off)

Milk (vary amount to requirement)

Warm water - about 1 litre (38 fluid ounces) depending on how thick you want blood

Instructions:- (note. unless you have a really big measuring jug you may need to do 2 loads to fill your container)

Using a suitable large measuring jug first pour half of the syrup in then half of the colouring, mix slowly with a metal spoon (unless you want a red wooden one) and add some warm water. Repeat until you have the consistency and colour you require (remember klingons have purple blood). Now put the jug with the mixture in a microwave (plastic or glass jugs only) for 30 seconds (or sit in bowl of hot water until syrup has mixed with water).

Once the mixture has been warmed mix it again until colour is even then add washing up liquid and flavouring if required. Add some milk if you need more opaque blood - it makes it more arterial (remember to get rid of unused blood at end of each day though as it will stink). I find the best container for the blood is a vacuum flask or thermos, many plastic bottles have crap tops and leak, you really don't want that.

The colour can be deepened or adjusted throughout the process so check it works ok, I usually pour some on my hand to check consistency.

Wasn't that fun! Next week I'll give you my recipe for 50 megaton nuclear warheads.


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allen said...

Any suggestions for blood that needs to a) not stain skin and b) flow smoothly with rain...

Michael G Clark said...

Blood is always tricky, getting the right consistency without staining is difficult. The recipe I use stains less than the shop bought stuff but still stains.

I'd suggest a more washing up liquid and milk, that way it should was out quicker. Remember to add more yellow colouring as it gives a better colour when washing out, fake blood always looks too pink.. I usually test by putting some on my hand and running water over it.

Try it out and let me know if it works out.