24 February, 2009

Glasgow Film Festival Photos- Part 1

Here are a selection of photos (thanks to Mark Wyness) from the 'sold out' screening at the Glasgow Film Festival on Friday. The film was very well received and the audience had a great time.

Director Mark Stirton, with sign at front of cinema.

Team with Allison Gardner, co-director of the Festival.

From left - Patrick Wight, Mark Stirton, Michael Clark, Kerwin Robertson. Director, producers and star of One Day Removals. This was our attempt at a 'serious pose' - fail!

A section of the long queue for the movie. Waiting happily in the line is Richard Brunton, creator of the Filmstalker movie review and news site (he's the tall bloke). Richard was one of the first people to review our last movie 'The Planet,' without using the words 'total pants' - so he's in our good books.

23 February, 2009

Glasgow Film Festival Photos- Part 2

Full House! The Audience waits in anticipation.

Director Mark Stirton and Producer Kerwin Robertson during the Q&A session.

Director with One Day Removals actor, John Lovett.

Actor Patrick Wight with on-screen wife, Susan Robertson.

21 February, 2009

Glasgow Film Festival - Full House for One Day Removals

The Scottish Premiere of One Day Removals was a great success, playing to a full house at the Glasgow Film theatre last night. Tickets for the screening had already sold out before the night, so many had to be turned away at the door.

The organisers and staff of the festival did a great job looking after us (nearly all of the cast and crew turned up) and we'd like to thank them all for their kindness and professionalism and the great meal afterwards. Allison Gardner & Allan Hunter, the co directors of the festival are doing an amazing job, with very little funding.

We also got a chance to meet up with other film makers - Steven Simpson, director of Rez Bomb, a love story set in the Pine Ridge Lakota reservation and Charlie Levi, writer director of Childless, a drama starring Barbara Hershey and Joe Mantegna. Great guys with really solid productions, we wish them all the best with their work in the future.

Steven Simpson is also an old school mate of our very own Kerwin Robertson. Steven gained an internship with Rodger Corman's production company in his late teens and left Aberdeen for the bright lights of LA. We think if he'd stayed in Aberdeen he wouldn't look like a double for Owen Wilson as he now does. We hope to try the rejuvenating effects of the LA lifestyle ourselves soon, but we're not sure if it can perform miracles....

I'll get photos up as soon as i get them in from our ace photographer bloke, Mark Wyness.

19 February, 2009

One Day Removals - On the move to Glasgow

Just a quick line to say we're off down to Glasgow tomorrow for the premiere. If anyone wants to meet up with the director and crew - come on down. Or up, if you're in the south.

Show starts at 6.30 at the Glasgow Film Theatre, Rose Street.

A full report will be here soon.

17 February, 2009

Darkness Aftermath - A review

Allen Etter, friend of Stirton Productions and a director in the United of States has sent over his latest (and first) movie for me to look at. Having done some animation for the filum means I get a free copy 'yay' with millions of extra disks of stuff, 'more yay.'

Writer/Director Allen and assistant director/VFX/punchbag Ted Tiefel have crafted a feature length movie from nothing more than string, scotch tape, sticks and wet folk, there are lots of wet folk.

A fantasy, set in a world where everyone is blind because god cursed the rain to teach the populace a damn good lesson, sees Gwen become the caretaker/defender of her village. A role she has to earn in fights against other village champions and the Garum (a scary monster).

The movie has many extras and behind the scenes footage, showing what happens when you blindfold actors and put them in a forest. They fall over a lot and drop things. Also of note are the many attractive actresses that Allen managed to kidnap for the movie, including lead actress Danielle Magner as Gwen, ninja/army girl Debbie Ngo as Danea and the lovely Tarina Sorensen as Lilly (avatar of god, I think). All of whom gave up their spare time along with the rest of the cast to wear stained sheets and get soaked on a daily basis - while running about blindfolded! What troopers.

Allen and Ted have managed to forge a movie with some nice scenes and characters, a major effort with no budget and the equipment they had to work with (satan's own Canon XL1 and a sound system from the 40's). The team look like they have formed a pretty solid bond and learned a lot from the experience. Allen's new movie,
Beneath Shadows is currently in pre-production.

It's been a real pleasure working with you Allen, If you're needing any help with stuff let me know.