16 March, 2007

2nd Week of filming..

That's my second week over, quite a full week and only 3000 bruises this time. Mark has covered most of the scenes requiring the leads now (Scott Ironside & Partick Wight) and will be onto the pick-ups and support work next week. Still some scenes to come later for the main actors, but we are arranging locations for those bits at the moment.

Lots more gore and general mentalist activity over the last few days - yesterday I had to set off smoke charges inside the van (with me in van too) and throw a burning wall of a shed off the van roof without killing the actors below. On Wednesday while I was sticking a big rusty hook through Kerwin's head the rest of the team were filing in the country with a local constable from the Grampian police media office (PC David Elrick), the addition of a proper bobby and a police car certainly made the scene with our uniformed actor, Steve Tomas.

The local police media team have been very helpful in the making of the movie and will be involved in some of the later sections too, they did wonder where I got all the police equipment and insignia from though. Ebay is great ain't it?... (pending enquiry).

Here are some photos from the last few days. (Photos copyright of Mark Wyness)

Posed shot of the lead actors Scott (beardy)and Patrick, with Steve all copped up in the background.

Hero shot of Steve Tomas in full gear.

Our Kerwin all hooked up (before huge amounts of fake blood).


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Yeah if I was the police I'd be keeping my eye on you lot too ! :)
That hook in the eye has got to hurt !! Looks like you guys are having loads of fun !!

allen said...

EXCELLENT! Just heard about your site from Andrew. We're doing a film of our own. I'll be checking in regularly.


Michael G Clark said...

It was a tough 2 weeks but we've got most of the main stuff out of the way now, still a lot of stuff to do yet though. I've still got to get dragged behind the van. So far I've only sprained a finger and got covered in bruises, and thats just doing the effects.

Hi Allen, had a look at your blog and I'm pretty impressed with the pre production artwork, looks like a huge project you have there. Loads of luck with the movie, I'll be checking out your site too as its the sort of stuff I'm into.