12 May, 2009

Colouring n' Stuff

A comic artist I met whilst he was chained in a cellar in Aberdeen, is doing lots of work at the moment. Not only is he working on the graphic novel of Sweeny Todd (from the book not the musical Tim Burton destroyed) but he is providing wonderful covers and drawn thingies for lots of other publications.

Declan Shalvey is the chap.

A cover he's produced for the Boom Studio's new Poe, mini series intrigued me. So for some retarded reason known not even to my good self, I said I'd have a go at colouring it. It has already been done for the comic so my attempt can only be for fun - or an exercise into why I shouldn't.

Mr Shalvey is a traditional ink and pen artist, so I thought I'd go all photoshoppy on it to see the difference, lots of gradated tones and photo highlighting. Total pants as it turned out. Declan's art rejects Buffy style colouring so I went the other way and used mostly flat colour with grungy splats. In the end I have a dark looking thing that may have been coloured with inks.

That'll learn me. It did however give me a break from doing film work, which I can't show here at the moment. Don't worry, it will all be up here soon.