17 November, 2009

Inverness Film Festival One Day Removals Screening

Well, that's the Inverness Film Festival over. We had a run up the road from Aberdeen to attend and it went rather well. There was a good turn out for the screening and the crowd really loved the film, as usual.

One Day Removals seems to have fans of all ages. We were signing copies for folk in their late teens and into their 80's. Two elderly ladies said it was the best laugh they had had in years. We really appreciated that. We had to sign dozens of copies for the audience, it wore us out. Director, Mark Stirton, looked kind of shell shocked afterwards.

At the screening we met up with one of the cast, a veteran from 'The Planet' and 'One Day Removals,' Shawn Paul Hastings and went out for a huge meal afterwards. Getting back to the guest house was a bit of a struggle, but eventually we managed to roll our way there.

A good screening with no problems, thanks to the staff at the Eden Court, who were hosting the festival. Only a couple of photos at the moment, as I was so busy. Kerwin Robertson has a few more, which I'll get up soon.

Remember, One Day Removals is now available on Bablelgum to watch - for free.