06 March, 2007

Filming Begins (for me anyway)

Well, I've just returned from my first day on the shoot of 'One Day Removals,' and I'm pretty knackered! The shoot actually started yesterday (Monday 5th March), but as there was no sfx make up or general effects I wasn't needed. Today went pretty well and we covered most of the scenes and the weather was very kind to us, which was handy as all the scenes were outside. I think we all got a bit sunburnt, which in Scotlad in March is illegal or something, good for filming though.

I have taken heaps of photos but have left camera equipment at the director's today, will try and get some shots up tomorrow, especially of wee Graham who'es character is hit in the face by the van - had fun doing make up for that one. Tomorrow I become the van's second victim and have to do my own make up (bit of a challenge). I will also get covered in my own brand of fake blood, which is beyond sticky and tastes of strawberries!

We are filming out at Aboyne at the moment (30miles or so west of Aberdeen) and it a great location, lots of huge mountains, rivers and general countryside. Its not too far from the queen's place at Balmoral so it's very picturesque, but cold even with the sun we had today.

I'll sod off now and get some sleep, I'll post some pictures with the update tomorrow.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Great to see you've started production ! I wish yourself and the whole cast and crew all the best !!