03 March, 2009

Down in Doune

Last weekend I attended a christening for me godson MKII, Michael Macleod, in the wee Perthshire village of Doune. Service and all that stuff went well and we had a great meal afterwards at a large country house, Cromlix House to be exact. I do like properly trained staff and I didn't have to whip any of them.

But my real reason for going down to Doune was to see the
castle. Yes, I am that shallow.

Yup, it's the one used as most of the castles in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It really hasn't changed much in the last 300 hundred years, but I still managed to be surprised at how it hadn't changed since they filmed the movie in the 70's. The shop inside even has coconut shells in case people want to gallop round the castle.

It's a fun little castle and well worth a visit. Especially if you like running up the stairs inside and killing guards.

Here is a still from the movie, featuring the ill-fated Trojan Rabbit.

30 years later, from a slightly different angle.

For those soppy folk wishing to see my new godson, here he is. Don't worry, he'll grow into it.