30 October, 2008

Poster Update for One Day Removals

I've done a few little changes to the main poster for One Day Removals, to reflect the award nomination and festival attendance. I look forward to filling all the blank space with little laurels.

I'd also like to bring your attention to the intended cover for the Japanese release of our last movie, The Planet. The design team for the Japanese distribution company have came up with a totally mad design that looks way better than the one I did, nice to see Kerwin's ship on the front again though it is a smart ship.

And finally, as I've noticed the heaviest hits on the blog have been as the result of posting photos of girls, (what a surprise) here is a photo from 'One Day Removals' of a very talented Irish actress called Josie Walsh. Josie plays a tv reporter in the movie, a small role for just now, but I'm sure we'll see more of her in the future.

29 October, 2008

British Independent Film Awards - Nomination

The latest production to be released from Stirton Towers has been nominated for an award at the British Independent Film Awards, to be held in London 30th of November.

The doric snuff movie 'One Day Removals', is competing in the Raindance Award category against 3 other independent movies -all of which had a catering budget larger than the total cost of our film. So we're totally honoured to be included with the other titles.

To be nominated for the British Independent Film Awards (or Bifa) is the highest accolade any indi film can get, so all the cast and crew are really pleased. Director chap, Mark Stirton and possibly some other cast members will be attending the star filled ceremony

'Jekyll' and 'Cold Feet', star James Nesbitt will be the host of the event, which is being held at the Old Billingsgate Market. For more details click

15 October, 2008

Raindance Premiere Photos

Here are a few shots from the Raindance festival in London. A more detailed report is on the previous blog, or at Mark Stirton's blog here.

Director Mark Stirton, decides which trousers to ruin before the screening.

Star of One Day Removals Patrick Wight, with director Mark.

Actors Steve Tomas (left) and Patrick Wight (right) with director bloke.

Stirton Productions producer bloke, Michael Clark (left). The cyberman had nothing to do with the festival, but the Dr Who exhibition at Earl's Court is a must. They even have K9 - yay.

14 October, 2008

One Day Removals - Raindance Screening

London, 16th Raindance Festival - Premiere of One Day Removals - huge hit.

That's all I really need to say, but I'll carry on.

The screening of the movie on Saturday went so well we were cleared out of the 100 or so dvd's we'd brought down with us. People were so happy to get a copy they actually thanked us - now that makes a change. It was great to see the movie on a big screen and the audience laughed at all the right bits. After the screening we'd bump into people on the street, who raved about the movie. That's in London by the way - Yeah baby, etc.

After the movie was a q&a session with Mark Stirton and the rest of us  (Me, Patrick Wight, Mike Mitchell and Steve Tomas) no one asked what the hell people were saying in the movie, so the doric dialect and the accent wasn't a problem. Neither was the swearing. So it was all good.

Being one of the festival director, Elliot Grove's top picks was a great boost to the movie. We'd like to thank him and the rest of the festival organisers and staff for their amazing support throughout the festival. Thanks folk.

I'll post photos as soon as I can.

09 October, 2008

Going down south!

Well, that's me heading off down to London for the premiere, I'll be back next week with lots of updates and pictures.

Keep an eye on the news for any bizarre stuff happening there. When you get a lot of folk from Stirton Towers under one roof, reality goes a bit bongo.

01 October, 2008

Raindance Festival Top Picks

Much to the surprise of all of us at Stirton towers Elliot Grove, the founder and director of the Raindance Film Festival, had included our Doric Dialect snuff movie 'One Day Removals' in his top 5 line up.

What fun! For more details click - here.

Meanwhile, the founder and director of Stirton Productions, Mark Stirton, has arrived in London for the start of the festival and will be making regular updates in his blogglet - here.