10 April, 2009

One Day Removals - Raindance Screening in London

The latest movie from Stirton Towers - 'One Day Removals,' is to receive a special screening at the Raindance Film Club next week.

The screening will be held on Wednesday 15th April, 7pm at the The Horse Hospital, The Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HX. Click here for map. If you're in the area and fancy a chance to see it, come on down.

Entry is free and we are assured the beer is cheap. Many thanks to the Raindance team for arranging the event. Elliot Grove and Jesse Vile are now our godparents. We hope everyone enjoys the full-on Doric snuff-fest with the company of a few refreshments.

Just to repeat - FREE ENTRY / CHEAP BEER