25 March, 2007

Interlude 2

Thought I'd have a break from posting film stuff to put some of my recent renders up. Recently I've been playing about with Vue Infinite 5, its a great little package and a very smart way of rendering stuff with cool atmospheric effects and lighting.

I've only done a few simple things so far but have got some nice results, the HDRI lighting is very easy to use but does take ages to render on my old system. Vue really needs a beefy system with gigs of ram to work best, not something I have yet. One of the many cool features is the environmental texturing, it actually populates your landscape with grass and trees by itself, or any thing you want really, rocks, cactus even cars! Very smart for instant forests or island foliage.

Another good feature is the interaction with Poser, figures or props can be imported straight into Vue, with animation timelines attached. One reason for me needing a supercomputer though, animation really chews up the processor in Vue when you are trying stuff at HD resolutions.

Anyway, enough gibbering from me. Here are some examples of recent tests I've done.

Texture test for image I'm working on, this is lit with an HDR image. I'm going for subtle tones and shading.

Not sure where or when this is supposed to be, WW2 Pacific, possibly.

Attempt at the statue scene from last film, The Planet, this model was imported from poser with animation. But the animation is too huge for my little machine. Poor thing.

Here's a very quick scene to set up that took 4 hours to render. Poser longship with some hills and water, took half an hour- the volumetric lighting and environment texture trees are the render sponges. Looks a bit Japanese I think, wonder if the norse folk ever got there?

Image from the corridor scene in The Planet, not my model but augmented with lots of new bits.


allen said...

w-w-wow! Any chance of getting the film in the states? I'd love to check it out.

Michael G Clark said...


Film is available via the Stirton Productions website (link in profile) and is also online at the Illusion TV site in the US. Its a sf film with lots of shouting and swearing - in Scottish. Its a bit different.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Very cool ! I like the corridor and the Planet figure pic.
There's not enough Scotsmen swearing in SF movies for my liking ! The Planet is well worth seeing Allen,check my review on my other Blog http://tinyurl.com/2ywu9q

Michael G Clark said...

Hi Andrew,

If you like sweary scotch films you'll love the new film, One Day Removals. Not only does it have more of the 'f' word than any other film, but also the 'c,' 'w' and 'm' word and possibly some letters I've missed out. Am working on the new website at the moment so should have some stuff up soon. 18+ only for that site.

allen said...

The other day my son said he got his "ARSE" kicked. I didn't know if I should laugh or not...I laughed. I'll definitely check out the Film and looking forward to the site.

Michael G Clark said...

I'd have laughed too. Arse isn't something you hear much over there. I may be biased but I do prefer a good 'arse' to an 'ass.'

Halle Berry comes to mind...

allen said...

ass well she should (not a typo there)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Did someone mention Halle Berry's rear end here ? :)

Michael G Clark said...

It's my blog and I'll perve if I want to.

Wasn't that a song?