07 February, 2014

Removals - The short film that grew up

Made in 2001, the original "Removals" was the sum of 6 years of trying to get a feature film made. In the end (or so we thought) we ended up with a nice little short, based on the full length script. 

The short did the usual round in festivals, opening at Glasgow's "In The Cut" festival to a good reception. After a while we put it in a box and got on with other stuff - Until 2007 when we decided to actually make the feature film we planned a decade before. One Day Removals was the result.

This is the first time the original short has been seen online. If you liked the feature that grew out of it, you may want to check it out for a comparison. "Removals" stars Bob Burns and Kenny Luke. Written and directed by Mark Stirton. Produced by me.

08 November, 2012

One Day Removals Christmas dvd

Yes, I said it - Christmas. Our only official stockist for "One Day Removals" this Christmas is One Up music on Belmont Street, Aberdeen. So if you want copies of the movie for friends, family, cats, dogs, lemmings etc. you'll need to go to One Up.

We're still waiting for our sales company, Cinemavault to get dvd sales - so hang in there folks. One Day Removals is also available online from Babelgum and Blinkbox (Blinkbox sales UK only)

If you want to follow us closer (and who wouldn't) you can find us on Facebook

12 July, 2012

One Day Removals at Merchant City Festival

Stirton Productions is proud to announce the inclusion of "One Day Removals in this year's 'Merchant City International Indie Film Festival.'

The Festival, to be held in Glasgow, between the 27-29th July, will screen indi shorts and features from around the world. One Day removals will be on at 3.30pm July 29th. After the movie there will be a Q and A with director, Mark Stirton and possibly me (Mike Clark) - if you're really lucky.

The festival is being organised and hosted by Andy Cassels and Dale Corlett in partnership with GMAC and Moniton Pictures. So many thanks to them for asking us to come and play.

Festival will be held at the Glasgow Media Access Centre, Trongate 103. For further information or tickets, contact the folk at GMAC via the following link. GMAC

16 May, 2012

One Day Removals Podcast

Here is a podcast of an interview with the producers and designers of One Day Removals, Michael G Clark and Kerwin Robertson. We talk about the design and look of the movie, directed by Mark Stirton.

That's me, the rather frightened looking chap being groomed by Thor.

Follow the link to the 'I am do filmmaker' site for the podcast here

12 April, 2012

Mark Stirton Podcast

Writer/director Mark Stirton, creator of "The Planet" and "One Day Removals," has just done a podcast for cool movie site "I am do filmmaker - here.

The interview covers his previous movies, work in London and some wee details on the new movie "Good Guys versus Bad Guys."

It also contains lots of swears. So watch your poor ears. Listen!