20 January, 2009

One Day Removals Scottish Film Premiere

News just in, One Day Removals has been accepted to the 5th Glasgow Film Festival and will receive its Scottish premiere on Friday February 20th. For further details click on the image above.

Tickets for the premiere, and the other films and events at the festival, will be on sale from midnight tonight and are available via this
link or directly from the festival box office at:
GFF Box Office, Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street, Glasgow G3 6RB.

13 January, 2009

Sweary Movie Edit_One Day Removals

Sweary Movie Edit_One Day Removals

One Day Removals Sweary Movie Edit. Feature screening on Dailymotion 30th Jan - 2nd Feb. Warning, contains constant strong language - really really constant. And there's a bit wi a guy hiz like a hole through hiz heid, like. Ooh, nippy.

08 January, 2009

One Day Removals on Dailymotion

One Day Removals is to have an online screening at the end of January, running from the 30th Jan to 2nd of February.

A bumper page of clips and interview has been set up on the Dailymotion site, so rush off over there now for a good stare at it. More material will be loaded on the site in the coming weeks, including never seen before behind the scenes footage and general gibbering by all the cast and crew.

That's me in the scary cap, and yes, I am that big - got a problem with that? What! How dare you. - Clip contains strong language by the way - and sweerin.