13 March, 2007

A New Week

Back to filming for me, Tuesday went very well and director bloke, Mark has many good shots. We also managed not to drown Kerwin in a little boat on the fast flowing and very deep river Dee. Kerwin, who has never been in a boat before, had to row to the middle of the river, put the oars away and place a binliner wrapped corpse on top of himself before letting the boat drift downstream. He did really well and didn't freak out too much when he found out his safety net was me with a bit of rope, and the drysuit under his clothes of course - we're not that mental.

While we were getting the boat ready the rest of the team went off to film Pat and Scott throw the wrapped corpse off a high bridge over a river, that (judging by Scott's behind the scenes footage) went very well and looked pretty funny.

What's left of my brain needs some sleep so I'll not write that much and put pictures on instead.

Scott Ironside and Patrick Wight, (lead actors) finding another stiff

Me, filling a bottle of bleed

Me, making up the back of the van for my impact

Me, post impact (blood looks very red but thats the flash apparently)

Mark Wyness, (who has taken these photos) with a screwdriver in his head


Andrew Glazebrook said...

It looks just like the average day in Middlesbrough town centre !!

allen said...

OUCH! Did that myself once in shop class.