13 February, 2008

New Website

The One Day Removals website is now up and ready to view. There are still a few pages to go live, but you can click on things and see stuff (you can tell I'm technical). Already got our first review on and the film's not finished yet, how fun is that!

As advertised on the entry page there will be graphic content and swearing, very soon.

06 February, 2008

Stay on target..

Last Saturday I had a screening of One Day Removals, at the custom facility in Stirton Towers. It was a mostly complete edit, but before sound balancing and grading, so it gave me a pretty good idea of what the finished work will look like. Based on that I'd say it's already hundreds of times better than the previous movie 'The Planet,' and a well told and produced drama to boot. It's also a very Scottish move, without tartan and haggases (haggasusses?) and the story should appeal to a broad audience.

It's very bleedy too.. there's heaps of bleed in this one, and acting, excellent work from the leads. It's more of a docu drama/drama/comedy now, than just a black comedy. Well done to all at Stirton towers (and that writer/director etc. chap) for getting a film out of this standard on a tight budget and a camera that has the worst viewfinder in the world. HD is very sharp and heaps better for projecting, so lots of digibeta copies will be attacking festivals soon.

I'm currently working on the media pack to sell the film, so I thought I'd put some design work up. Here's 2 versions of the dvd cover, I may end up with a mixture of both but I thought I'd let you folks see them first.

Thanks again to Mark Wyness for all his great photos during the filming.