20 September, 2010

24th Edmonton Film Festival - One Day Removals

The 24th Edmonton International Film Festival is to screen our mad black comedy "One Day Removals." The film will be screened on Thursday, September 30th at 5pm.

Our distributor, Cinemavault, have provided a subtitled copy of the movie for the screening. The subtitles will be in English, to help the audience with some of the Doric phrases, but I'm sure they'll be able to understand most of the dialogue without them: "fit the fuck are we gannie dae"? may be universal.

This will be the first time the new 'release cut' has been shown, so we hope the folks like it.

Here's a link to the One Day Removals page for the festival - Edmonton Film Festival

04 June, 2010

The Next Movie

I know you've all been asking for a while now what the next film will be, so lets put you out of our misery with this announcement.

We're in the scripting and pre production art phase of our next movie - 'Good Guys Versus Bad Guys.' To get the ball rolling Mark Stirton has posted some of his layouts on his blog - here. I'll do the same and hopefully quite soon we'll have heaps of stuff to play with. I've attached an early poster layout, so all elements are open to change at the moment. There will be a Facebook page set up soon for the movie, I'll let you know as soon as it's up.

Not giving too much away about plot until all the parts are in place, but it is a big action movie with big bongos.

13 May, 2010

Cinemavault releases One Day Removals

Stirton Productions, Doric road movie "One Day Removals," has been acquired for international distribution by Cinemavault. A well regarded movie sales company, based in Canada.

The film is now being touted by the company for sale; so should be on the shelves near you soon. The sales sheet for the movie can be downloaded from here.

The movie is also available online from Bablegum and Blinkbox, thanks to those lovely folk at Raindance TV.

26 March, 2010

A Birthday Cake

A non-specific director of Stirton Productions is a non-specified age on Saturday the 27th of March. So we had a little party for him last night to celebrate the thing that isn't happening.

Susan, wife of producer Kerwin Robertson (in photo wearing a blue shirt), made a special cake (with the help of Kerwin, apparently...) for Mark. Mark Stirton, may, or may not be, a huge geeky fan of the world's longest running sci-fi/fantasy show, Dr Who.

The cake had enough blue icing on it to destroy a kindergarten, as a result most of us haven't slept since eating it and one producer (the one typing this and not in the photos) is freaking out and looks like Mum-Ra.

Great cake. Cake. Cakey cake heheeheheh.

19 March, 2010

The Planet - Now on Blinkbox

Watch movies online and free tv

Those lovely folk at Raindance TV have released our first movie, "The Planet," online. It is being hosted by the movie/TV site Blinkbox, for rent or download.

The Planet was released in 2007 and is available on DVD in the USA and Japan, this new online release is licensed to UK only. So apologies to anyone overseas still waiting to see it.

The Planet, stars our mate Mike 'Mr Universe' Mitchell, as the beleaguered captain of a shipwrecked crew in space. The movie has space battles, monsters, ghosts and beefy chaps in t-shirts; all on a budget of £4.50 and some sandwiches. In our minds it's much better than Avatar.

26 January, 2010

New "One Day Removals" Trailer

Hi folks. Stirton Productions, commander in chief, Mark Stirton, has created a new trailer for our hit Doric murder comedy; "One Day Removals."

This one is work and child safe, so bang up the volume and have fun.
If you feel you're up to watching the whole movie, it is currently online: here.

11 January, 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 2010

Hi folks, and a happy new year to you all. Hope you are all having a good one, snow permitting.

I'll start the new year off by saying 'Celebrity Big Brother'.... 'Why?'
Really, why? I'd give them all chainsaws and unlimited drugs - whoever makes it out alive gets a new film contract.

To vent my spleen I did another texty animation. In Doric - The language of the gods.