07 March, 2007

On The Move....

Just a short post today as I'm totally tired. Today's filming went really well again and the weather was great, even hotter and sunnier than yesterday. I spent a lot of this morning stuck under a van covered in sticky fake blood, not too fun but the shoots looked good and thats the point.

Here are a few shots from yesterday's filming. They show director, Mark Stirton and Kerwin Robertson (on sound) filming Graham's big pishing scene, also a before and after shot of Graham Robertson's character, 'drunk man.' He gets hit in the face by the van while wandering about on a lonely country road.

More to follow tommorrow. Hopefully I will be able to mug the professional photographer (Mark Wyness) thats doing our publicity shots and get some of his excellent photos on the blog. Poor chap's Bowen lighting kit fell in a marsh today so we're all hoping it dries out ok and isn't buggered - as he's still got a lot of shots to do for the film! Honestly, it's not fun as the kit cost more than the van we bought for the film, as we say in Aberdeenland 'ooya beastie!'

Off to bed now to die a bit until 5.30am.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

You've got summer up there already !! Cool photo's !!

Michael G Clark said...


Thanks for the comments. It was pretty hot up here yesterday and we all go a bit fried! Filming is going well. I have a day off today to do my day job but will be back on it next week. Loads more photos to come.