31 March, 2007

Flash - ahaaaaa

Hi, just a quick bloget today. I'm currently hammering the new film website into shape and think it needs a bit more interactivity than it currently has: I'm thinking some games in flash would be cool. So far my flash skills are limited so I'm looking for some people that may be willing to knock up a game framework or basically do all the work while I point at things and provide drawings.

Any game developers out there that may be interested, please get in touch and I'll go into my ideas further. Notoriety and possibly money will be waved at the successful applicant.

I can't go into too much detail at the moment about content, but it's gonna be sweary - to tie in with the movie.


allen said...

If you don't mind, I'm going to send this post off to my buddy who teaches game design at ITT Tech. They are always looking for opportunities.

Michael G Clark said...

Thanks Allen,

That would be great. I've only got the most basic of ideas in my head at the moment but It will help a lot if I speak with someone who knows the technical stuff.

Just hope they aren't easily offended, as the language of the movie and the intended games makes Tarentino films look like Harry Potter.

allen said...

I have some hard core guys in mind. It's interesting that your film is heavy on cursing. As Darkness Aftermath takes place on another world, I have no cursing at all. I wanted to avoid the BSG "FRAK" because I think they pulled it off quite well. However, we will be thick on the blood. By stock in strawberry syrup now.

Michael G Clark said...

I still like the Farscape 'frell,' it was a fun show.

The removals movie features 2 normal working lads in Scotland, the director is pulling no punches with the dialogue and it' also in the local dialect of 'Doric,' which is unique to the north east as it shares a lot of words with old Norse.

You must be about to start on your movie soon, the cast and crew must be getting excited?

allen said...

Also, GORRAM! Was a cool curse word in "Firefly". Yeah, everyone is ready. It's suppose to rain all week (and they are actually calling for some snow on friday) but I'm hoping it speeds spring along and we can start!

Michael G Clark said...

Heaps of luck with the filming. Or is it break a leg?

I notice that Serenity has beaten Star Wars in a top sf poll in SFX magazine. I blame Lucas for destroying his own empire.

And for Mr Glazebrook for making me think he'd done it again. so gullible am being, I (as Yoda would say).

allen said...

Have you seen the quicky sketch of the Garum stilts? I may actually BREAK A LEG!

And yeah...that pesky Andrew pulled one over on a lot of us. I'm building a time machine in my basement so I can go back to the day before he posted and bust him!

Michael G Clark said...

I just had a look at the stilts, they are scary. How tall are you though? 6 foot what? Thats going to be one mother of a Garum.

These are fun but may be a bit bouncy for a monster.


allen said...

I do believe I would kill myself with those! But they do look fun.

Also, heard back from Ron...this is what he had to say:


"Sweary" is my middle name....really....Ronald "Sweary" Lewis (see my yearbook

I'll pass this on to anyone interested.

Michael G Clark said...

Thanks for that, now I'll have to actually do some work on the game layout..

I do like the idea of those pro jump things, but as you said lethal in the hands (or on the feet) of film-making mental folk. I'd still like to try jumping over a car though!

allen said...

Got some more goodies posted at the Darkness site...

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hey I thought there was people talking about me,my ears were burning !!

allen said...

Curses...he found out!