19 September, 2008

One Day Removals - Raindance Festival Premiere

Just in case somebody forgets that the world premiere of 'One Day Removals, 'is happening next month, I'll be running regular reminders.

Screening starts at 12 noon, Saturday 11th of October at the Cineworld cinema, Shaftesbury Avenue, London (that's England).

Myself (me) director Mark Stirton and actors Patrick Wight and Mike Mitchell will be attending: so just follow the hordes of screaming girls. Mike Mitchell is currently filming with Sean Bean in the new channel 4 series 'Red Riding,' so it will be a good chance to grill him for gossip.

Tickets may be bought online from the festival or from the cineworld there. Click on banner above to access site.

08 September, 2008

One Day Removals - Now on Sale

Fun news for all the millions of film fans after a copy of our new movie. 'One Day Removals,' is now on sale for a limited period, via our online store - here.

The dvd is the same one being sent out to every film agent/distributor and their cat at the moment, so it's a good time to see it in it's original state. The movie features a director's commentary, outtakes and a novelty Easter egg - don't you just love those.

The DVD is PAL only at the moment, but it is region free. So, if you do have a machine that plays PAL, you have no excuse not to buy it - and I'll be sitting outside your window checking to see if you have (or was that Manhunter?)

02 September, 2008

16th Raindance Festival - One Day Removals

Fun news film fans, the latest movie to be produced at the Stirton towers facility has been accepted to the 16th Raindance Film Festival in London. Schedule dates are still to be released, but until then here is a link to the Raindance festival site.

Needless to say all of the cast and crew are pretty happy with the news and are looking forward to attending the festival.

I should have updates soon, check the main Stirton Productions site and this blogglet for details.