25 January, 2008

Burns Night - and a' that

Hello folks, just a short note to say all is coming along fine with the movie (One Day Removals) and the last of the tweaking is nearly at an end. The imperious leader, Mark Stirton, is all ill just now with a nasty chest thing (not the thing from alien, or the alien's thing) and has been told to rest, but probably isn't, so the editing schedule is still on target.

I can't post any pictures or design work just now as all the stuff I was working on recently would pretty much blow the story of the movie, so instead I'll post a spooky night time scene of Scotland (Tam O' Shanter) and tell you about the Burns Night celebrations.

Robbie Burns is the national poet of Scotland. Even though he's been dead for a few hundred years Scots celebrate his life and works every January 25th by having a 'Burns Supper.' This is usually a formal affair in full tartan kit or evening wear - the main point of the evening is to eat heaps of haggis, drink whiskey and listen to somebody read Burn's poems (haggis and poetry are optional). Burns was also the bloke that wrote 'Auld lang syne.' I'll leave you with a short poem of the chap's called 'Fickle Fortune,' written in 1782.

Though fickle Fortune has deceived me,
She pormis'd fair and perform'd but ill;
Of mistress, friends, and wealth bereav'd me,
Yet I bear a heart shall support me still.

I'll act with prudence as far 's I'm able,
But if success I must never find,
Then come misfortune, I bid thee welcome,
I'll meet thee with an undaunted mind.

11 January, 2008

Belated Happy New Year

Hello to all me chums and visitors that frequent the blogatron. Hope you all had a good one and are now as depressed as everyone else that had to go back to work.

I was going to put some design stuff up, but I'm a bit busy, instead I'll do what I said I wouldn't and put a top 10 film thing up. I'm not doing it in order though as it changes with mood and/or weather.

The List (and yes, I can't count either):

A matter of life and death
Blade Runner
The Thing
Wings of desire
Wild Geese
Demolition Man
Shindler's List
The good, the bad and the ugly
King Kong (proper one)
The devil's backbone
The 5th Element

Taxi Driver
Lord of the Rings

Just missing the top (whatever number) slot:

Funny Bones
Shadow of the vampire
Batman Begins
The duelists
Jason and the Argonauts (Harryhausen)

That out of me system now. Should have some new eye candy for you soon. Pip Pip.