26 March, 2010

A Birthday Cake

A non-specific director of Stirton Productions is a non-specified age on Saturday the 27th of March. So we had a little party for him last night to celebrate the thing that isn't happening.

Susan, wife of producer Kerwin Robertson (in photo wearing a blue shirt), made a special cake (with the help of Kerwin, apparently...) for Mark. Mark Stirton, may, or may not be, a huge geeky fan of the world's longest running sci-fi/fantasy show, Dr Who.

The cake had enough blue icing on it to destroy a kindergarten, as a result most of us haven't slept since eating it and one producer (the one typing this and not in the photos) is freaking out and looks like Mum-Ra.

Great cake. Cake. Cakey cake heheeheheh.


allen etter said...

My question...is the inside of the cake bigger than the outside, because that would rock.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Having had 20 slices each (or that's what if feels like today) I'm guessing it is.

I see BBC America is getting the new series of Dr Who about a week after we see it here. That's got to be fun. And a cute Scottish redhead companion, even better:)>

Richard (Filmstalker) said...

Oh man, I was going to ask that exact question! I thought Mr & Mrs Kerwin must have been making the inside for months.

Michael Grant Clark said...

I think Mark and I thought our insides were bigger, attempting to eat the cake.

But it's just our outsides that have grown :(

allen etter said...

Looking forward to it. (Doctor Who, that is...not my expanding outsides)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Happy belated Birthday !!!!!!!