11 January, 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 2010

Hi folks, and a happy new year to you all. Hope you are all having a good one, snow permitting.

I'll start the new year off by saying 'Celebrity Big Brother'.... 'Why?'
Really, why? I'd give them all chainsaws and unlimited drugs - whoever makes it out alive gets a new film contract.

To vent my spleen I did another texty animation. In Doric - The language of the gods.


Story Quine said...

EXCELLENT! That is sae funny. Mair please!

allen etter said...

If there were a show where lame people from reality shows were given chainsaws and unlimited drugs, I WATCH IT!

Oddly enough, doing some research for the Art History class I teach, I came across a story about gladiators who used to tie a bag over the head of a condemned man and give him a sword. Then they'd unleash rabid dogs on him and see if he could survive. That would be a great opener for American Idol!

Michael Grant Clark said...

Hi Allen, I think I'd watch that version of American Idol too. :)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Bizarre !!!