19 March, 2010

The Planet - Now on Blinkbox

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Those lovely folk at Raindance TV have released our first movie, "The Planet," online. It is being hosted by the movie/TV site Blinkbox, for rent or download.

The Planet was released in 2007 and is available on DVD in the USA and Japan, this new online release is licensed to UK only. So apologies to anyone overseas still waiting to see it.

The Planet, stars our mate Mike 'Mr Universe' Mitchell, as the beleaguered captain of a shipwrecked crew in space. The movie has space battles, monsters, ghosts and beefy chaps in t-shirts; all on a budget of £4.50 and some sandwiches. In our minds it's much better than Avatar.


allen etter said...

The writing and general story in THE PLANET was far better than AVATAR. One of my students made the comment that AVATAR was basically Pocahontis meets Fern Gully while I argued that it was more Dances with Wolves meets Fern Gully.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Ha ha! I called it Dances with Little Big Man, but the Fern Gully comment is better.

It really is a big lump of fluff with nice CG. But well done on Cameron and the crew for making the studio so much money.