08 December, 2008

Stirton Productions Store - Now Open

Just in time for the Xmas novelty market, Stirton Productions has opened a Cafe Press store with lots of fun gifts for the mentally challenged. It's a bit of a work in progress so there's only a limited amount of stock, but it will later include some designs from "The Planet" and some other stuff.

One of the fave gifts so far has got to be the clock that has Ronnie's quote from "One Day Removals" 'it's only half past ten for Christ's sake''. Ronnie fan's may be a limited market but we do hope it grows.

There is a link to the store on the Stirton Productions website, or you lazy folk can click


mark stirton said...

Put me down for a big clock.

allen said...

I want a mug and T shirt...I'll email you with the payment arrangements...btw...the premiere for DA was a success! (heard some oohs and ahhs during the opening scene you did for us) We'll have the double disc set in the mail no later than Dec. 25

Michael G Clark said...

Hi Allen, the site is in the US it's probablly easier for you to buy through them.

I'll look forward to getting the DVD, glad it all went well on the day.

Mark, I thought you already had one. Oh, scared myself again...

allen said...

Coolness. Ill order after the next pay check!