04 December, 2008

BIFA - Update 2........Electric Boogaloo

Well Mark and Josie made it back safely home from the British Independent Film Awards, they were of course upset about not picking up the award: as we all were at Stirton Towers (the SP flag has been at half mast since Sunday and the guard dogs have had to be kept on a short leash). But they did still manage to have a good time at the party afterwards.

They also managed to get copies of the movie to some huge names in the industry, including award winners Danny Boyle and David Thewlis. It will be interesting to see what they make of the Doric snuff movie.

For a more personal account of the awards visit director bloke's site here.


AktoMan said...

Look into her eyes ... not around her eyes, but into her eyes ... and {click} you're under.

Sad to hear the news about the award, but good write-up from Mark

allen said...

I'm looking into his eyes...I see nothing. I see...nothing.

Oh, crap. You said HER eyes. Oh, I feel silly now.

AktoMan said...