18 December, 2008

Hah Bumbug

It's Christmas time folks, I've been prompted by producer bloke Kerwin Robertson to do a little card for One Day Removals fans and customers. Which there are a lot of now, fun!

I'll have my head stuck in various computers over the holiday working away on film stuff, so humbug to all the festtive cheer and stuff. I will also be firing Bob Cratchet as he's a snivelling little oik with a gimpy son.

But until then, from all of us at Stirton Towers a very Merry Christmas to all of you. If you do happen to see a sober man in Aberdeen during
hogmanay, that may be me. Come over and say hello Clarkie, would you like a drinkie. I will of course accept and no longer be sober - thanks in advance.


allen said...

A bit of a commute...but have a drink on me. We are expecting an ice storm with downed power lines and the like this evening so it's a good book and plenty of vodka tonight.

Michael G Clark said...

Thanks Allen, you have one on me too. We've got a storm whacking Scotland at the moment too, are you sure you don't really live next door?

Anonymous said...

As the official director of 'One Day Up My Removals', I can't help wondering if this shot needs more?

I'm wondering about dead or stunned Reindeer? And better blood. I shall now hide behind the sofa before Mr C plunges a photoshop brush into my face.

Death to Rudolph!

Story Quine said...

Have a nice one, Clarkie, congrats on ODR, it was the BEST film of 2008. ;->

allen said...


Have you ever made your own beer? I got a brew kit for Christmas, along with several DVDs, and I'm trying my hand at a dark brew.

Michael G Clark said...

Hi Allen, Merry Christmas. I Hope you had a good one with your family.

Beer, nope never tried it. I don't actually drink beer so I tend to avoid it. A whiskey making kit would be good though... Those are legal, right?

allen said...

And mandittory if you live in the hills of Tennessee.

Did Santa drop you anything cool?