02 April, 2008

Last of the snaps

Here are the last of the holiday photos before I start boring myself. I'd just like to say a huge thanks to Actoman for dragging me over to Lewis and forcing his nice parents to feed me for a week. It was much appreciated. Top photo show a group of traditional 'black houses,' used by the islanders before electricity and sense was introduced to the island. Half of the hobbit house was filled with the animals, what fun on bath day.

View facing west, next stop Labrador - North America

Leaving Stornaway on ferry at 7.20 am

Arriving on mainland at 10am, yes am. It got sunny as soon as we left the ferry.


allen said...

Great shots! Looks fantastic.

Story Quine said...

Yes, beautiful photos, Mike, glad you've finally been to enjoy Lewis - I never got to enjoy scenery much last summer there, I was too busy interviewing! Go to Scalpay next time, that's amazing!

Zulu Cal said...

great shots, never realised you had visited my home town!

Michael G Clark said...

What, you live in a black house!

Or Stornaway, nice place when it stops raining, and isn't too windy.