16 April, 2008

The Planet - US Release Update

Fun news this week from the company releasing 'The Planet,' in the US. MTI Home Video have set the date of June 10th, for the DVD release day.

They have produced a spanky Hollywood type poster for the release: at the moment the artwork still has to be finalised, but hopefully they will keep the elements we sent over. The new dvd has the original making of feature and also some new bios and Spanish subtitles. Scorchio! A press release can be downloaded from the MTI publicity page.

It will hopefully be for sale on Amazon, so we'll get that linked up to the IMDB page soon. CEO of Stirton Towers, Mark Stirton, has more on his blog,
The Japanese release info should be with us soon, so keep checking for updates.


allen said...

Fantastic news. Real happy for you guys. And good luck with Removals. I am still waiting for the hat to come in the mail so that I can send it to you. Also, I'll include a CD of the soundtrack and one of Sally's comic books. My sister says that the hats should be in any day...any day...

phil said...

Great stuff!! :D

Do you know if they'll be dubbing it into comedy American accents?

"It'll be ready when it's god-damn ready, Taylor, quit bustin' my ass!"

Here's the Amazon link:

Anonymous said...

As far as we know it's gonna be the regular Scottish version. Which should be wild if anyone in Alabama buys it.

Personally I'm finding this all very disturbing. Remember to me Clarky and Kerwin this is a film we made out of bits of junk and toys. Even the 8 grand budget is bogus. No way did we spend that much! So to see it for sale in Americaland, with it's own poster, is very odd indeed. Wonder what else we can do if we put our little minds to it?

Thanks for the link Phil. We'll paste that into the website soon.


Michael G Clark said...

Hi, yes it's all very exciting and quite funny.

No dubbing on the US release but it will be dubbed into Japanese for the dvd there.

Thank's again for the link Phil. As Mark says that will be linked to the main site. The IMDB page wil have a link set up too.

Lauren Reeser said...

VERY EXCITING on "The Planet"! Thanks for the blog comments, as always :-).

Michael G Clark said...

Thanks Lauren, the movie should be appearing in a Walmart near you soon. You'll have to supply your own popcorn I'm afraid ;)