31 March, 2008

Lewis Trip

Just back from Lewis, which may have been the coldest place I've ever been to. It's about the most westerly point in Britain and it's windy, really windy. As it has been inhabited for about 9000 years there's lots of old stuff to see. The most well known is the group of standing stones at Callanish  and the iron age Dun Carloway Broch (sort of castle thing) where the famous Lewis chess pieces were found. 

Here are some photos taken with my embarrassingly old digital camera.


allen said...

Welcome back. The pictures are great...it does look frosty there.

George Griffin said...

Really like the top picture of the standing stones.

O.K to grab it for my desktop?


Michael G Clark said...

Hi George,

No problem with using the photos, go ahead.


George Griffin said...

Thanks :-)

Lauren Reeser said...

WOW! Beautiful! You have a real eye for landscape and structure photography. I'm sure you know that's not easy with overcast skies :-).

Michael G Clark said...

Hi Lauren,

I used to do it professionaly a long time ago. Now I just have a tiny old digital camera, so there's a lot of trickery involved to make the shots look better.

It was a pretty amazing place though.