14 March, 2008

The Wrath of Cannes

Mark, director chap and CEO of Stirton towers has informed us that a copy of the new film is heading off to the Cannes film festival, for inclusion in this year's bash. It's taken a huge amount of effort to complete the movie in time for the submission date and all hats off to Mark for getting the disk away in time.

We're having a bit of a rest now, until Monday. Ooh, a whole weekend.

Here are some recent shots that just made it into the edit: 2 weeks ago the associate producer, Kerwin Robertson, asked a favour of the local fire and rescue service. We got 3 fire trucks and a whole heap of firefighters at our disposal, now that's what I call a service. All the folk from Aberdeen fire and rescue did a grand job for the couple of shots that Mark needed, and it was sunny too.

Photos, as always, are courtesy of our resident photographer, Mark Wyness.


allen said...

CANNES! Freakin' AWESOME guys. Great work and hats off to you and your team. Great to hear about the fire dept. being so supportive as well.

AktoMan said...

As ever, good luck with that Mike et al.

Michael G Clark said...

We're all a bit excited about it all, still loads of work to do with the marketing aspect and some technical stuff, but it's out there at last.

Lauren Reeser said...

Congratz on your film going to Cannes! That's AWESOME! Are you considering submitting it to Sundance?

BTW, LOVED your bit of humor about the lady with the hat. I think that will have to be it, lol!

Anonymous said...

Rumour control, these are the facts. I like doing that. I really miss Brian Glover. Anyway, these are the facts. We're only entering these festivals. And we're up against some pretty huge movies, so lets not go mental. Something might happen, it might not.

Having said that, I'm pretty sure the film will go down well with festival audiences. It's certainly making the test viewers laugh! By the way, if anyone wants an early copy just e-mail an address to Mr C or myself and we'll make sure a DVD is send out.

Peace oot,