23 January, 2012

HBO Buys One Day Removals

Thanks to our excellent sales company - Cinemavault, our movie "One Day Removals" has been acquired by broadcaster HBO.

This is a great bit of news and we're all pretty happy. Currently it is only available in Eastern Europe, but we're hoping that other territories will be opened up soon. It is fun to watch "faceci-od-przeprowadzek" in Polish though, it's so sweary!

Here is a link to the home site - HBO


Morleysaurus said...

Haha, genius! Sweet that a network such as HBO has picked it up though, that's great news. Everyone needs to see this film! :D

Anonymous said...

I watched this today on hbo in macedonia. Nice, dark little comedy movie. glad i gave it a chance. I dont know how the powers that be decided to only show it on hbo in this part of the world but it really resonated with me. Maybe because we also have bagpipes.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Thanks, for the comments. Glad movie is getting a wider audience. Macedonia is a lovely place, so we're honoured to have people there watching our wee movie - with or without bagpipes:)>