23 May, 2011

World's Rudest Movie Invades Loch Ness

Stirton Productions sweary, Scottish comedy 'One Day Removals,' is to screen at this year's Loch Ness Film Festival.

The festival, now in it's second year, is located in Drumnadrochit, on the banks of Loch Ness. The festival will run from May 26th - 29th and will be screening short films and features from around the world.

The movie's production team, director Mark Stirton and producers Michael Clark and Kerwin Robertson, will be attending the screening to answer questions after the movie.

Movie will screen on Saturday 28th at 7.30pm. The screening will be the first outing for the movie's new cut, created for our sales company Cinemavault.

'One Day Removals,' filmed in Aberdeen city and shire, contains more swearing than any other dramatic feature film. Not a film for the easily offended - but it does contain some very broad humour, for those that enjoy their comedy in large buckets.

If you are in the area and want tickets, they can be purchased from here.


allen etter said...

WOW! Great news, guys.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Cheers Allen, it's just a little festival but it will be fun and we get to run about Loch Ness after:)>

allen etter said...

EXCELLENT! Hey, even tho it's a small festival, its still a festival and that is cool. I'm thinking that Cerulean might actually be festival-worthy. It still has it's flaws, but it is a huge improvement over Darkness Aftermath.

On a side note, after seeing this post during one of my classes, I mentioned your movie to my students (a fresh batch of newbies this summer) and they all want to see the trailer. After showing it to them and promising a showing of the film, I think you have a small fan club here at the college.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Hi Allen, you should take your movie to festivals. There's a lot of good ones for sf/fantasy and they're great fun. I know you'd have a great time.

That's so funny that you're showing your students one day removals. I'm not sure, but that may be some form of abuse:)>

I have a transcript in english if you need one.

man and van London said...

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allen etter said...

It is abuse...but it's fun!

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