27 July, 2009

One Day Removals wow's Aberdeen Film Festival

The 1st Aberdeen City and Shire Film Festival opened with a bang on Friday. The Sell out screening of our movie 'One Day Removals,' was a huge success and the audience literally laughed their faces off. Attending the festival were Director, Mark Stirton,
lead actors Patrick Wight and Scott Ironside and several other cast and crew. Oh, and me of course.

The night went really well, even the tiny party afterwards near the toilets at 'the Hub.' There will be a full photo review in next few days.


AktoMan said...

Any press reviews yet? I haven't seen anything in the P&J website.

allen said...

Very nice! Great to hear...with all of your success, will you still have time for a few effects shots for Beneath Shadows?

Michael Grant Clark said...

Hi Allen, cheers.

If you have anything you think Mark or I could do effects wize let me know. I know Mark enjoys the effects thing too.