28 July, 2009

One Day Removals - The funniest film of the Aberdeen festival

Mark Stirton in full flow at the Q&A after screening
Michael Clark reaching where other producers fear to go!
John Lovett, Julia Stewart and Mark Stirton
The stalwart crew of the Belmont Cinema
Mark Stirton with Provost and Lord Provost, masters of bling
Here are a few photos from the Aberdeen City and Shire film festival gala, last Friday. As you can see it was a fun night with a capacity crowd at the screening. Being introduced by the Provost and Lord Provost (mayor) of Aberdeen city and shire was a bonus.

Attending the festival were the lead actors Patrick Wight and Scott Ironside, along with several of the cast - Julia Stewart, John Lovett, Alistair Ritchie, Ronald Stirton and Ken McRae. Funnily enough everybody wanted their photo taken with Julia and not me! I'm wearing a wig and heels at the next festival

Director bloke, Mark Stirton and other producer bloke Michael Clark (Kerwin Robertson the other producer had a family party on and couldn't make it, splitter!) had a Q&A session after the massively enjoyable screening. Most of the questions were interesting so there was no violence.

Afterwards we went to the party hosted by the organisers. Half of a small pub was devoted to the event and we got the half with the toilets. There is now word of One Day Removals getting a week's run the the Belmont cinema, that would be great. I'll let you know how we get on with that.

As usual all the photos are by photo mage - Mark Wyness. Many thanks.


Filmstalker said...

What's that director bloke doing with all the lovely ladies? Don't tell me I missed them at the event?! What a fool I am!

Story Quine said...

I want a camera like Master Wyness has got! Trust Mark to be surrounded by wimmin. But it was a great night and I think you'd have no problems filling a screen for seven nights in a row with ODR, cos it's just too cool to keep secret - esp if you tell the film-students at college and RGU, they'll lap it up. I did hear the party wasn't up to much. Ah well, on to bigger and better things, eh? Next time the party'll be at the Savoy and Odeon Leicester Square... :-)

Cathy said...

So howcomes you didn't schmooz about and get yer piccy taken with all the girls...Mark looks every so slightly camp in that first pic at the Q&A lol

allen said...

Mark looks ready to take over the Bond roll from that last guy whats-his-name.

Congrats again guys. Your smiles say it all!

Michael Grant Clark said...

Hi folks, cheers for the comments. It was a fun night, even though the party was next to the toilets.

If I hadn't been chatting to all the VIP's downstairs I may have got a photo with the girls, but I can get that anytime:)

allen said...

...really...shots with the girls anytime...you are that magical?

Story Quine said...

Clarkie is not magical, but he can be explained by science!! ;->

(BTW today's magic word was 'catumo' - wonder what a Catumo looks like?

allen said...

My word was ferstea...as in that catumo sure looks ferstea...migh need a dwink.

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