26 June, 2007

Latest Filming News.

Last Friday and Saturday Mark was able to get all of Mike Mitchell's scenes done, which was handy as Mike was flying back home to Turkey on Sunday (so no pressure there). Mike and Patrick had to cover 18 pages of dialogue in 2 days and Mark managed to cover all of it - with re-shoots, so good going there mr director.

I was there doing my usual art direction stuff and covering the props etc. I also helped out with sound and lighting as we were in a tiny room, a very hot tiny room once the lights were going. Funnily enough Mike, who has lived in Turkey for over 2 years was a bit chilly... The rest of us weren't.

The room was lent to us by the movie's executive producer, Ken Fraser, so many thanks for the use of the office space Mr F. I'm not sure what was in the room but both Mark and I were sneezing for both filming days and have since died (well, a bit). I suppose we're suffering for our art, sniff!

A few publicity shots were taken at the time and I'll have those up here soon once I make it out of bed.


allen said...

Get well! So far no one has gotten sick on our shoot and everyone is going from freezing cold rain to hot sun! Well, not everyone. Some of the crew has stayed dry. We have plans for our rain rack guy...(evil laughter)

Michael G Clark said...

I'm alive again. Yay.

I did some rain work on Friday, we had a simple system though - a watering can. I still got soaked!

Lauren Reeser said...

Hey there. Glad to hear everything is going well on your film :-) Thanks for the comment about the photoshop painting...it was an exercise we called "speedpainting" we often did in school for fun or practice...the aim was to take a photo (so yes, it's from a photo) and try to paint it in 20 minutes or an hour or however long. This one was an hour, i think. It's a great way to learn light and color, and also I was just playing with the brush. As far as doing different styles...I don't know, I guess I just see what others are doing, try it, then that becomes part of my toolbox. And the talent patch? Hrm...I'm not sure, but I think I need to download the new one, lol :-) --Lauren

Michael G Clark said...

Thanks for the info, Lauren.

I used to do a lot of live drawing exercises, I really should do more as I've got a lot of drawing work coming up and need to find my talent patch again (I think I left my one in a cupboard somewhere).

Lauren Reeser said...

Hey Michael! Thanks for all the info on the ninja stuff. I had no idea! I sent this test off to Netdevil and they kinda-sorta-liked-it-but-needs-improvements, so I'm kindof back to, well, Square 2...at least I don't have to start over. I'm so nervous though! Ah! Anyway...thanks for always leavin' comments :-) And just bust out some materials, or photoshop, and smear some media around...always a good way to coax your talent out of the cupboard :-)

Anonymous said...

Michael's talent lives in the cupboard. It only comes out if you offer it cheese, then you have to wack it on the head. Thankfully it's not very big and doesn't put up much of a struggle.