08 June, 2007

Dragging Photos

Met up with photographer and matey bloke, Mark Wyness, during our Thursday op's meeting and got copies of the recent pics from him. It's so good having a pro photographer on the film to document all the fun stuff and take great publicity shots, we've got thousands of cool images now which make life a lot easier when marketing the movie.

Anyroad, here's a bunch of pics from my lazy stunt day out at Aboyne, Royal Deeside (where HRH queeny and co drive through to get to Balmoral).

Me in my comedy German hiking gear with Mark and Colin (sound ninja#2).

Mark and Colin, fiddlin' about with me trouser parts: my bum armour was so big I couldn't close my zip and had to be taped up. It was a new experience for me!

All tied up and ready to go. The bum armour is pretty well concealed for front and back shots but still rugged enough to stop me from being worn flat by the tarmac.

Some wheelchair tracking shots at low speed, for speeding up in post. For this I had to wave my arms really slowly so I didn't look like a windmill in the final version. This matches the later shots from the van when I'm being dragged at full speed.

This is what's left of my arse parts by the end of 2 hours of dragging. Not too bad really, but the smell of heated metal does freak you out a bit. The observant among you may notice Markie with his special black book, directors love their wee books.
Our movie partner, Ken (Cannyfilms Partnership Ltd) turned up for the last bit of filming and took us in for tea and cake, which was handy as we were filming next to his house. Line up from left to right: me, Colin Morrison, Mark Stirton, Ken Fraser and Patrick Wight.


allen said...

Great pics. Looks like fun. So far we've had three injuries (minor of course and they wear their bruises with pride) on our shoot and I imagine with all of the fighting tomorrow we'll have more.

My black book is actually green. I thought it'd be cool since we are filming in a forest until I set it down one day and could not find it.

Any chance you guys might post some footage? Looks like great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Naaa. No footage just yet. Want to keep a few surprises up my black book for now. But I did edit a wee bit together for the Thursday ops meeting and it seemed to go down well. HD projected looks great!

Michael G Clark said...

It really does look great, didn't make me look any thinner though. You need new software, or I do.

May put some old stuff on you tube some time, it's always funny to see me running about on fire. Don't think any of the new stuff will be up though as it's a commercial movie and you tube don't pay that great.

allen said...


allen said...

That image of you on the ground with two guys 'fiddlin' about your zipper is a bit on the icky side. I need to know about this fire stunt and how much beer you consumed before the stunt.

We posted some pics of our shoot.

Michael G Clark said...

Fire stunts are easy, not getting burnt is the hard part. Our fire stunts are pretty well rehearsed and mostly just involve me being a bit on fire, but one time I managed to land in the middle of a fireball and things got a bit hairy. Unlike me that lost some of mine.

Smelling your own hair burn while flying through a ball of flame really wakes you up. No real damage though as I bounce like a fuzzy felt puppet.

allen said...

A fuzzy felt puppet ON FIRE! What movie was that for...or was it some sort of coming of age ritual you were performing?

Michael G Clark said...

It was an unfinished action movie about a million years ago, this was before we could do cg effects ourselves.

I've had a variety of explosive and burny things strapped to me, I like exploding it's fun.

allen said...

Over here in the states we have a word for what you described. INSANITY! Sounds like great fun!

Anonymous said...

Your raggedy bum is giving me such a big clue.

Michael G Clark said...

That word really was ruined for us by South Park, wasn't it!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Give me a bowl of Beans and a few cans of Guinness and the back of my pants look like that !!