02 September, 2009

BAFTA Scotland Screening One Day Removals

Stirton Productions's Doric comedy, One Day Removals, is to have a screening at the BAFTA Scotland headquarters in Glasgow, next Monday.

The movie is part of this month's screening schedule, alongside some other great movies. It may be the only comedy though.

So, if you want the best laugh you've ever had with your clothes on (and you're a BAFTA member) head on down to 249 West George St, Glasgow on the 7th and giggle away at the funniest film ever made in Scotland - to feature a blue van and a comedy German.

For member bookings visit here - BAFTA Scotland.


Story Quine said...

aa the best for that, if I wasn't writing my thesis, I'd be there.

[btw today's magic word "haggiess"!!]

Anonymous said...

saw it in London. it is really funny.

a sassenach

Michael Grant Clark said...

What! The English are on my blog!!

Many thanks, so it was you that was laughing then.