24 February, 2009

Glasgow Film Festival Photos- Part 1

Here are a selection of photos (thanks to Mark Wyness) from the 'sold out' screening at the Glasgow Film Festival on Friday. The film was very well received and the audience had a great time.

Director Mark Stirton, with sign at front of cinema.

Team with Allison Gardner, co-director of the Festival.

From left - Patrick Wight, Mark Stirton, Michael Clark, Kerwin Robertson. Director, producers and star of One Day Removals. This was our attempt at a 'serious pose' - fail!

A section of the long queue for the movie. Waiting happily in the line is Richard Brunton, creator of the Filmstalker movie review and news site (he's the tall bloke). Richard was one of the first people to review our last movie 'The Planet,' without using the words 'total pants' - so he's in our good books.


allen said...

Love the image with Mark in front of the SOLD OUT sign. Make that your business card or the splash page of your web site.

Michael G Clark said...

I put it on the front of the website. It was great to see that sign.

Filmstalker said...

Oh dear, what a picture to put up of me!

It was a great showing, and good to finally meet you guys, although I was in a bit of a rush.

I've said some nice things about One Day Removals too, and not just to get in your good books either, I think they really deserve it.

Keep in touch, and looking forward to more from Stirton Productions. Must get something organised with a proper interview.

Michael G Clark said...

Hi Richard,

You've said nice things about all our work, so we like you even more. It was great to finally meet up with you.

We're always free for interviews so just give us a nod when you have some free time.