14 October, 2008

One Day Removals - Raindance Screening

London, 16th Raindance Festival - Premiere of One Day Removals - huge hit.

That's all I really need to say, but I'll carry on.

The screening of the movie on Saturday went so well we were cleared out of the 100 or so dvd's we'd brought down with us. People were so happy to get a copy they actually thanked us - now that makes a change. It was great to see the movie on a big screen and the audience laughed at all the right bits. After the screening we'd bump into people on the street, who raved about the movie. That's in London by the way - Yeah baby, etc.

After the movie was a q&a session with Mark Stirton and the rest of us  (Me, Patrick Wight, Mike Mitchell and Steve Tomas) no one asked what the hell people were saying in the movie, so the doric dialect and the accent wasn't a problem. Neither was the swearing. So it was all good.

Being one of the festival director, Elliot Grove's top picks was a great boost to the movie. We'd like to thank him and the rest of the festival organisers and staff for their amazing support throughout the festival. Thanks folk.

I'll post photos as soon as I can.


AktoMan said...

Glad it went well. Some folk missed it online when the Raindance server couldn't cope (with demand?).

Londonbackpacker said...

That's was me :-(

Glad things worked out well for you & the film.

When is the next one :-)

Michael G Clark said...

Next film... depends on studios we're currently in talks with. Lots of options open at the moment, keep an eye out on the main Stirton Productions site for details.