19 September, 2008

One Day Removals - Raindance Festival Premiere

Just in case somebody forgets that the world premiere of 'One Day Removals, 'is happening next month, I'll be running regular reminders.

Screening starts at 12 noon, Saturday 11th of October at the Cineworld cinema, Shaftesbury Avenue, London (that's England).

Myself (me) director Mark Stirton and actors Patrick Wight and Mike Mitchell will be attending: so just follow the hordes of screaming girls. Mike Mitchell is currently filming with Sean Bean in the new channel 4 series 'Red Riding,' so it will be a good chance to grill him for gossip.

Tickets may be bought online from the festival or from the cineworld there. Click on banner above to access site.


allen said...

CRAP! I've got a thing I have to do that day! Just kidding. I'll be there in spirit. Don't forget to bring a body guard to keep the female fans at bay.

AktoMan said...

Don't forget the jabs and passport. Do any of you speak the language?

Michael G Clark said...

I dont!

Allen, I may need a cattle prod to herd some my way:(

Londonbackpacker said...

Cheeky bugger that Aktoman. ya daan't need nah translators or jabs daahhhn 'ere, I 'ave nah problem understandin' the chuffin' cockney's. They aw seem very sugar and spice people.


AktoMan said...

Strewf, George, are you gonna spend some apples and pears (money) on the apple and pears (dvd)? It's nice to hear a what apple and pears (non-locals) think of it. It's cheaper than apple and pears (a Hilleberg Akto) or the apple and pears (West Highland Way).

Michael G Clark said...

er, stone my crows!

My knees up are having a chas n' dave - and junk.