17 June, 2008

Stan Winston - RIP

I got a bit of a shock last night when Mark (director bloke) texted me saying that Stan Winston had died. He had to check the information a few times to make sure, which made us both sad that it was correct. Stan, who had won Oscars for special effects in numerous movies including Aliens, Terminator and Jurassic Park, died on Sunday aged 62. He had been suffering from myeloma cancer for 7 years.

To many film techy folk like me, Stan Winston was a legend and an inspiration. Not only did he create the look of the predator, terminator and Iron Man, he set the bench mark for practical movie effects from the 80's onwards. He will be sadly missed.

Here is a link to his effects studio for those didn't know his work. Stan Winston Studios.

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allen said...

What a loss. The man was a genius.