11 January, 2008

Belated Happy New Year

Hello to all me chums and visitors that frequent the blogatron. Hope you all had a good one and are now as depressed as everyone else that had to go back to work.

I was going to put some design stuff up, but I'm a bit busy, instead I'll do what I said I wouldn't and put a top 10 film thing up. I'm not doing it in order though as it changes with mood and/or weather.

The List (and yes, I can't count either):

A matter of life and death
Blade Runner
The Thing
Wings of desire
Wild Geese
Demolition Man
Shindler's List
The good, the bad and the ugly
King Kong (proper one)
The devil's backbone
The 5th Element

Taxi Driver
Lord of the Rings

Just missing the top (whatever number) slot:

Funny Bones
Shadow of the vampire
Batman Begins
The duelists
Jason and the Argonauts (Harryhausen)

That out of me system now. Should have some new eye candy for you soon. Pip Pip.


allen said...

How did I forget The Thing and Leon on my top ten? The Professional (as the lame American version was edited and called) was one of the first Laser Discs I ever bought. When they released Leon (Luc Besson's cut) on DVD, I snagged that right away. It it truely frightening how many movies you and I BOTH cherish and list as top faves.

BTW, posted some photos I forgot I had from this summer's shoot. A nice one of Tarina napping as Ted threatens her with a wooden sword.

allen said...

Also, do you have Subway on DVD over there? I can't seem to find in the states. During my time in graduate school I actually made a 'soundtrack' of the movie. Loved the bass player's stuff at the 'party'.

And of course, Jean Reno rocked as a drummer.

Anonymous said...

Demolition Man? And no Goodfellas?

This list tastes of AIDS.

Aww, it was Grubby Wubby's birthday. He's not the meaning of life anymore, but you try telling him that!


Michael G Clark said...

There's a lot of other films I forgot to mention. I prefer Taxi Driver to goodfellas anyway.

Mark, all your top films have the word Dalek in them.

Poor Graham, I'll post him a rowie.

allen said...

I too was surprised at Demolition Man, but I know that Michael drinks so I was willing to give him a pass.

Taxi Driver rocked, but I liked RAGING BULL!

Anonymous said...

I know why Michael likes Demolition Man, cos he's a pervert. Mmm, those long legs, that big smile.

Goodfellas - of the Daleks?

Michael G Clark said...

Sandra Bullock is lovely in Demolition Man, but it's also funny.

Goodfellas of the Daleks, features that classic line.

You think I'm funny?
You think I'm funny?
You're a funny dalek!

Subway is great, it's not a serious film. I can pick up a copy here and send it over, does your player & tv handle region 2?

allen said...

That's true, regarding Sandra...might have to revisit it.

And yes, I believe one of my players does play region 2 discs. If not the one at the University does.

I remember that film as being fun and silly and all about a robber who wants to put together a band.

Lauren Reeser said...

Hey, thanks for the PR website...I plan to do a press release when I have some more stuff needing to be seen. :-)

Lauren Reeser said...

Hey Mike! I've decided to go for it with greeting card design, which all those birdies have been specifically designed for :-). I've currently got them up for sale at www.greetingcarduniverse.com/birds while I create more and submit to the greeting card companies. It takes a long time to hear back from the companies, so I thought I'd let them generate a wee bit of income in the meantime, before I sell them off feather by feather :-)

Michael G Clark said...

That's great, I hope the companies get back to you soon as your cards will be very popular.

Best of luck.