07 November, 2007

Interview Time

A recent review of "The Planet" by M.J. Simpson, of SFX magazine etc., led a few of the Stirton Towers crew to get in touch with him. The review was sort of good but we thought it had missed the mark (pardon the pun) a bit in it's criticism of the movie's vagueness and lack of explanation of events - for those who haven't seen the movie, that was the point: lots of things happen to normal folk and they can't explain them. Star Trek it ain't.

The reviewer didn't however tell us to 'sod off' when we got in touch, and even asked if we (Mark and I, sorry Kerwin) would be willing to do a short interview. So here are links to the interviews about the movie, from 2 different points of view.

Original movie review.

Mark Stirton (Director) Interview

Michael Clark (Producer) Interview


allen said...

Cool interviews. Congrats on all of the attention the Planet is getting.

allen said...

I just read your comment that that you posted on the DA blog re: making 8mm movies with Star Wars action figures and REAL SNOW in your bed room. I animated a film called Lego Wars in my bed room and set the carpet on fire. If we had been neighbors growing up, I think we might have been able to destroy an entire house while filming.

Michael G Clark said...

I nearly did. Still have the scars.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Kerwin. People are going to start to think that we've made him up. Maybe he's Keyser Soze?

Michael G Clark said...

Without captain Kerwin all the spaceships would have looked like daleks and our computers would have melted.

A worthy co-producer and Flash Gordon look-alike.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention Kerwin's most important contribution... Waiting until the very last moment of any given meeting, when everyone is putting on their coats, to bring up a vastly important aspect of the production that absolutely must be talked about for at least 30 minutes to resolve properly. It's usually at this point that Michael gets that funny look on his face like he's about to kill everyone with an big knife and I start injecting opium like some bloated human Sherlock Holmes parody.

Good old Mr K.

Michael G Clark said...

Can I be mycroft Holmes.

Or Arty Morty!