09 July, 2007

Filming Photos

As promised, here are shots from some recent filming. This batch is from the 2 days we had Mike Mitchell over, there wasn't much space left after he came into the wee room (as you see from the photo below). It was a pretty intense 2 days filming as there was so much to cover,but Mark did take us all out for lunch (working in town is so much better than eating in a windy field) so many thankies Markie.

Even though we were all stuck in a tiny kitchen it was a bit like the last movie - The Planet, as Mike and Pat got on really well and enjoyed working together again. Mark and I were sweating like monkey rapists (or rapist monkeys) and mostly dead by the end, but the footage was in the can so it made up for it.

Photos, as always, provided by Mark Wyness.

This image may stay with me forever..... but not in a good way!


allen said...

rapist...monkeys? I no longer wish to visit your now frightening country.

Looks like you guys had some great fun.

Michael G Clark said...

We have to do something to pass the time in the long winters.

It was more fun than 4 guys being locked in a room should be.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

That bloke in the bottom picture visits me in my nightmares !! :)

Super updates Mike !!

Michael G Clark said...

I see my nightmare every week. Sorry markie.

The photos are great aren't they. We're so lucky to have a pro photographer on the shoot covering all this. I'm working on the pre release posters at the moment using Mark Wyness's photos, I'll post them soon.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I'd almost blanked this pic out of my mind, now I'll have to go back to therapy !!