30 April, 2007

Back to Work!

Well, so much for my visiting my wee ginger godson (and his parents) last weekend as filming called and I had to lie in the back of a van with 3 bloody (literally) corpses for a whole day. As one of the mostly dead and make up artist I had to be there. Day went well, make up, blood, corpses etc. Scott Ironside, as one of the removal men, spent the whole throwing us around the van in varying states of bleed: he's a tuff bloke so it was no problem for him.

We were a sticky bunch by the end of the day. By the way, I tried out a new 'blood' recipe given to me by Allen (of Darkness Aftermath fame) and it worked pretty well. Strawberry and chocolate dessert sauce with food colouring and a little red wine. Worked great and came straight off with no staining - bonus. The mixture had about half a bottle of food colouring (red and yellow) instead of the usual 3 -4 bottles. Nice one Allen, cheers.

Photos from the day will be up as soon as I get them from the photographer, Mark Wyness.

Just to save this post looking empty I'll include some images I was working on a few weeks ago for a possible new project. I'm still getting used to Vue 5, so have been trying out some giant space cities (everyone loves those don't they). Of course, I couldn't be bothered making a whole city for a render test so got a pre-made one from those lovely folk at Daz studios (Poser stuff / Bryce). The Dystopia city block sets are great fun and very well modeled, they can be set up in Poser or Daz studio, then opened in Vue with textures intact - instant big space city. I used 2 sets out of the ten to make a little city layout, then chucked in the environment and a few Vue presets for dressing to finish it off.

With animated flying things and vehicles on the roads I think it would serve pretty nicely as back plates for some project. These images are as rendered, with no post work as yet.


allen said...

That's fantastic about the BLOOD working out! We get our camera on May 10th and start shooting and "possibly" start shooting on the 12th. It all depends on the amount of leaves on the trees. If not, we'll start the following Saturday!

allen said...

BTW, nice images. Wow...just reread my post...I'm stuttering with my typing.

Michael G Clark said...

I usually put all my comments through a spell checker as I'm a rubbish typist and I'd hate to sound like a total mong on the site. I wait for people to speak to me in person to find that out.

Lots of luck with the leaf situation, hope the storms have passed too before filming begins. I'll have some background and flying machine stuff for you soon, they are coming together nicely.

Anonymous said...

Good city Clarky. Nice downloading!

Yuka yuka

Me such a funt!

Footage in back of van is amazingly good. And that blood worked out very well. Off to prison now!


(The director - not the illness)

Michael G Clark said...

2% talent and 98% google. I'm sure I remember modelling my own work sometime, but my memory doesn't stretch that far. I'm thinking background plates with cell render.

Have fun in pokey, Mark Stanley Stirton. Remember your snout and protective pants.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

They do a nice range of those Dystopia buildings. Your pics look great.

Michael G Clark said...

Cheers Andrew, I do like those models at Daz now, some pretty nice things apart from all the pervy poser stuff.

Must get round to making a header for my blog now as your one looks so cool!

allen said...

Hey, we just spent our first day shooting. I was fantastic. I should have pictures posted tonight of our shoot.

allen said...

What an ego I have, eh? I meant IT was fantastic...not I. I was exhausted. I must start using splel chexter moor ofden, rite?