25 September, 2006

The Planet - Premiere Night

Well, 6th of September saw the whole cast and crew milling around the Belmont Cinema to a 'sell out' screening of our movie, The Planet. It was the first time all the cast and crew had met up in the two years since filming and the premiere had pretty good party atmosphere going even before the film started.

As comedy producer and show off I was hosting the show, which sounds really easy until you stare back at a cinema full of people expecting you to say something interesting - I did and all went well. The only hitch during the screening was with the magic lantern the movie was being projected from, the fast action and jump cuts seemed to upset the glow worm inside the apparatus and there were occasional flickers. Nothing too bad and everybody enjoyed the show.

Afterwards a question and answer session was held, which was fun and not too serious, Then everybody vanished off to the bar in the cinema for a pish up. It was, all in all, pretty fun and a nice evening for the cast and crew. I'll post some photos at the end of this blogglet and let you see them all, anybody wishing to find out who the people are will have to check out the cast page on the Stirton Productions web link in me profile.

There is another showing on 4th October at the Belmont Cinema, Aberdeen. Tickets can be bought from the cinema or online here

Also at the premiere Mark Stirton (writer/director) made the announcement that he had secured a six figure budget for the next movie, a black comedy/drama set in Aberdeen. So far details are being kept pretty vague during the development phase, but the movie will involve several cast from 'The Planet and a large Viking longship. I'll be production designer again so I'm going to have some fun with the longship, I will post some production artwork when I can - we're in pre production at the moment and its all hands on deck!

Main cast from the movie, don't we all look just great!

Former multiple Mr. Universe, Mike Mitchell, and director of Stirton Productions, Mark Stirton.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I love the way Mike Mitchell looks like he may have been photoshopped into these pics from an Hawaiian beach somewhere. :)

Glad you had a good night,you'll have to do the same when you release the Special Edition in 20 years time !

Michael G Clark said...

Poor Mike, his luggage was lost on the flight over and all he had with him was the outfit in the photos. Didn't stop him from being a happy chappy though.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

You should do a special Edition DVD with a free swatch of Mike's shirt :)