25 July, 2006

Hi I'm Michael Clark and welcome to my blog. I'm a designer and illustrator currently working with a film company in my native Scotland. For the past 2 years I have been working on a film called 'The Planet', starring Mr Universe, Mike Mitchell. Check the website, its pretty cool.

After being locked in a cupboard for years doing the design and animation work I've finally been released and have some spare time, this blog is intended to show some of my design work and for general rant purposes. I am currently getting my head round the more complex features of 3d prog Cinema 4D, so I'll chuck some of my latest work on to illustrate how infuriating even a simple package can be.

Expect swearing, blood and gutoids..... But first, a dalek.

Not my model (thanks to Dystopia for that), but textures and environments are. Really like new dalek design so I thought I'd play about with colour schemes. Nothing to do with the film I was working on, I'll post some of that work later.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Daleks are always cool,the pic in the corridor/complex ain't working though,I get an error !!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hey it's working now !!

Re: Captain Zep ship,remember it a bit,I know it was an old Martin Bower 'Dan Dare' model that his pal Bill Pearson converted for the show. Think I have one good pic of it but not enough to base a CG model on !